The Mechanicals

The Mechanicals is a theater company dedicated to producing new, classic, and underperformed plays that touch on our collective connection and spirit. Much like the Mechanicals of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we are a group of multi-disciplinary artists who love creating together and investing in the New York City community.

Founder Alexis Confer believes public service and the arts should be one and the same. We invite you to join us on this artistic journey!

Our goals are simple: Explore both new plays and classical works to examine unique and diverse world views; Develop work from artists who want to be nurtured and challenged throughout the creative process; and Inspire our team to consistently improve as we create new, exciting, and challenging productions.

Production Team:

Artistic Director/Founder: Alexis Confer

Visual Design/Producer: Cecilia Faraut

Music Director/Composer: Tom Lee

Stage Manager: Sarah Zerod

Resident Playwright/New Works Curator: Ruthellen Cheney

Business Manager/Producer: David Martinez

Costume Designer: Erin Marsz

Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Tom Giordano

Stage Manager: Sarah Zerod

Marketing Associate: Kelsey Usher

Box Office and Finance Associate: Alex Christian

Photographer: Ted Alcorn